Policies & Information


Green bin is located either opposite the van or at the end of the culdesac for rubbish and waste.

No Smoking is allowed in the Caravan.

Small house trained dogs are accepted, however, you must fully hoover and clean the caravan upon leaving or you may incur a charge.

In the event of losing your keys, you can collect the spares from reception. If the keys are lost then there will be a fee charged against your security bond.

You can use the Charcoal BBQ but improper use, neglect or damage will lead to a charge against your security bond.

Please ensure the caravan is clean before you leave. Excessive cleaning, damages or loss will lead to a charge against your security bond.

Hot Tub Policies & Rules

The hot tub is always professionally cleaned and sanitised before new guests arrive.

Hot-tubs are the ultimate way to relax and unwind and we are sure you will enjoy this luxury. That being said, we hate to be the party poopers but we kindly ask that you respect the tub, and adhere to the rules and policies listed below at all times.

If the tub becomes unusable during your stay due to negligence there will be a charge against your security deposit, this will cover the call out charge, emptying, cleaning, refilling and reheating.

You must always shower before use, to remove all fake tan, make-up and body lotions, otherwise, the water will look like a pond very quickly.

  1. The recommended maximum time you should stay in the hot-tub is 15 minutes. Skin & health can both suffer when staying in any longer than this amount of time.
  2. No drinking, smoking, fooling around while in the hot-tub.
  3. At the end of your hot-tub session please refill to the required level to ensure it continues to filter and reheat. Please also place the chlorine float back in the hot-tub at the end of each use.
  4. Allow access to the hot-tub daily for maintenance, cleaning & water testing.
  5. Hot-tubs are not a suitable environment for children, it’s highly recommended that they avoid the use of it. However, as the parent or guardian, the decision is yours.
  6.  If the hot-tub loses water due to overfilling there is a hose located at the back of the caravan which can be used to refill.

You will need to print, sign and return a copy of the hot tub agreement.



From the 24th March 2019 Tattershall Lakes Country Park is closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The park is due to re-open again on the 6th July. In light of this we hold no responsibility if you are due to stay at the park for any cancelled activities, services or facility closures. All of this information is subject to change following government guidelines. You can find out more about services and activities via the link below.